One of those days…

Almost a month ago I was writing about a new jorney in my life. Visiting the city of Seattle with my sister. Since that day I have met beautiful and caring people that have recieved me like if i were part of their family. I have enjoyed living in a city with long days and short nights. But everything has an ending…

My trip is about to end and I am about to face one of many of my “personal challenges” going on an airplane by myself.  So today I write to you with pain in my chest and tearfull eyes about what happened today, the day I was supposed to leave.

I had never told anyone that I felt insecure about going on that plane back home, i always tried to hide it but today it was impossible to. As I was speaking to my dad about how much I wanted to stay , my sister said that she couldn’t cancel the flight. So I was playing cool, but my sister knows ( and I hate that she knows) when i start to feel “sensible” about something so she starts to say ” look she wants to cry”, I denied it but she kept going and eventually……I did cried like the baby I am, then I confessed everything…. And so did my sister about how she DID cancelled the flight.  I felt weak and I just hatted myself for being son coward. My dad of course looked at me with those mercyfull eyes. He calmed me down and said ” I wish I was there to hold you”. I felt worst, because I am supposed to act mature, I am supposed to be confident and the truth is that I know I am not…. I am childish, and I keep trying to be what i am supposed but sometimes ls hard. 

A while later I read a book, and the following quotes really got me. 

Mostly this quote

( Just erase the “go to school” part)

Sorry for the dramatic posts but…. Thats just the way I can just take everything out. 


Dedicated to my dad, who always worries and cares for his little girl.


In Seattle…

I have almost four days visiting the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington. I am currently  staying with my sister and her host family. She is the one who takes care of two little girls:  Cecilia and Juliana they both are the most adorable girls i have ever met. 

Before I arrived here with my sister I already knew everyone had expectations on me. My dad had already given me like 5 times his usual speech where he tells me to be outstanding, and happy but most of all to leave my shy personality behind. On the other side my sister’s expectations on not being dependant on her and just not bothering her with “childish” attitudes.  So all of that was in my mind on the plane, ” Be confident Mel, and don’t make your sister angry”  but most of all “don’t be shy and speak the language you have been learning since you were 6 years old”. 

Almost Landing

With all of that perfectly saved in my mind we started our way to the big city.  By the time we were taking a taxi in our way to the familie’s  home I was really excited to meet everyone. When we arrived to the house I was recieved with a huge hug from those little girls. Then after the welcome we went to Mcdonalds. And that was the end of Day 1.

On Day 2 we spent our day home, I played with the kids and at night I met my sister’s friend Corina and her host family. By the end of the day I felt good with myself because I spoke fluent English without feeling nervous and i felt that i was doing fine because my sister never complained about me.  

Day 3 was kind of crazy, i woke up and my sister told me to get ready and super fast i just changed my clothes and we went to the mall with one of the kids. Then we arrived home, we slept for a while and finally we went to have dinner at Luna Park with MJ, another friend. Food was super good and MJ is the nicest person on earth. We have so much in common, i think we will be great friends. 

Now we are on Day 4 and until now I thought that everything was actually going pretty well… but not for my sister. I got a call from my dad.  He asked “Why is your sister angry?”, and I was just like ” well, i don’t know maybe she is just tired”. Then he started telling me that she had been complaining about my attitudes. That I haven’t been helping her, and that I woke up super late and simply that I was a mess. I instantly felt that everything was just not going the way I thought it was. I swear I thought everything was amazing and that my sister well she maybe was annoyed but she always is. My dad aks “why do you sound so sad?” and I was just like ” well, after what you just told me how do you expect me to feel?”.   I know this may be dramatic but i just feel that I will never be good enought for my sister. And even thought it does hurt me that she doesn’t feel the freedom to tell me what she is uncomfortable with , I made the decision of just enjoying my time here because I will never get this time back.  I arrived here with expectations from everyone about how I should act and feel. But i decided that I won’t let their expectations about me affect MINE.  I felt super comfortable with all I have done until now and I will continue to be. 

The journey is just getting started. 


About love


I haven't been writing for a loooong time, I know i remind you about 
this every single time I write but here I go again.
It's just that when I don't feel inspired to write I simply don't do it
because being forced to do it's just not my style. However here I go

I am already in my summer vacations, next week I will attend to my 
senior graduation and that will be it. So since I have tons of free
time I decided to write a small story, but not just any story but a 
love story. But I couldn't finish it. And I would like to share why. 

Personally, I have NEVER been in a relationship, so all 
I have learned about love comes from movies and books. Therefore 
my ideas for a story where: suddenly falling in love and then a kissing
scene but then.... nothing I couldn't think about how to continue
this story, should I add a tragedy? just like Nicholas Sparks does. 

After this I would find myself in a very uncomfortable position. I wasn't
satisfied with this ideas of love, and worst I don't feel I am qualified 
to write about a topic i don't know nothing about. I am a true believer
that love is just like God. We don't really know it until we experience
it. So I guess i will just need to wait until a lucky boy comes to my
life (any volunteers?) 

Of course love is not only about a man and a woman, that is just one 
face of love. There is also family and friends but i don't think
that that love is as hard to understand as romantic love. 
Because romantic love involves a bunch of aspects. Such as chemistry,  
our brain has a lot to do when we fall in love, Instinct because no matter 
what we say we  are animals and sometimes we make decisions based on 
our instinct and finally society. 
 Society is the one that has the hardest impact on what we call love. 
Because we already know that we are going to find someone, and marry 
that someone.  There is a quote that i really like, " Some people
wouldn't have fallen in love, if they haven't heard about it". So do 
we really fall in love? or what is it? I am still growing up and have a 
LOT  to learn. And love is one of them. So if you have ever felt that
rare feeling please feel free to express your opinion on the comments
I would love to hear, what does love means to you?
Let's talk about love shouldn't we? After all that's what we really 
need in this world.  



Old house.

Hello again! I know it's been a while , i am aware of it. 
But please understand that school is taking my life to a living hell 
of stress and tears.... and i am not being dramatic. 
However, I am back.


Last saturday my dad took me to my old house. I lived in that house
for 14 years!!! all my childhood memories where built in that house 
even some of my teenage years. And visiting it now that I am about
to graduate from high school  is just overwhelming.

My room 

This used to be my room.I swear that it looked smaller than it did
14 years ago,i can still remember when i used to sleep with my sister,
when i used to fall from my bed and the first time that i slept alone.  
My room was my cave, my everything.

My sister’s room 

Alright,  she was my older sister so she was like my inspiration for 
life and she still is. I remember when I used to sneak in her room and  
I just were so curious about what she had in her closet, 
I would take everything out and she would freak out about it. 
I love my sister but she didn't had patience with me 


The bathroom 

Oh those Sunday afternoons.....

We used to go out every sunday for dinner, and we only had one bathroom.
So let's just say that it took us a long time to get ready. 
My sister really took a while to shower ....and to get dressed 
and to step out of the house , my brother used to play his 
Linkin Park music... very loud and I just....  well showered.

My brother’s room 


My brother’s bug collection 

My brother's room was an untouchable place. He is the oldest,so when he 
was a teenage he was very reserved. I remember going into his room only 
when he was gone. 

Well that was just a very small part of what my house was,I wasn't able 
to take many pictures because it was a fast visit. I could never tell 
how important that house was to me, but at least I got to share a part
with you. There are still tons of movies and books on that house,I even 
brought 5 books that I picked up super fast one of them is my dad's 
favorite book, maybe in another post I can tell you what they are about. 
For now this is it, i will write very soon. 


Exciting News ( About a Book)

It’s been a while since I have been posting, mainly because my life has a busy rhythm. School takes a lot of time. Another reason is that sometimes I really have no idea what to write about and I don’t like writing just for writing, I always make sure to write when I feel something, when I feel inspired. This time I will write about something that I found out a couple weeks ago and really got me on the edge of my seat.  My favorite book of all time is “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio.


It tells the story of August a young boy who is just like any normal kid, there is just one tiny detail he has a series of deformations in his face which make him the target of stares and whispers among people.  The only reason he doesn’t feel normal, is because no one else sees him as a normal kid. But his life is about to change because he is about to face a challenge, he is going to school for the first time.  I won’t give much details for those who haven’t read the book. I just will add that is a heart warming story about self-esteem, and kindness. It is so easy to read that even though it is like 400 pages long, it won’t take you a week. And the story is so captivating that you won’t want to put it down.


Alright now for the exciting news, I read on facebook that there will be a movie adaptation and guess who is going to be the main character……..




JACOB TREMBLAY!!!!!, the adorable kid from the room and also the actor from that movie I wrote the last post about. I couldn’t be any happier to see that my favorite book is getting an adaptation and a new talent , like Jacob, is joining this journey. For me this were the best news ever!! I know the movie will be a success and we all are going to fall in love with his character.

The only detail is that I have to wait till 2017, but hey time do flies. Until then we have a world of movies to see.

P.S. For those who have already read the book I leave you Mr. Browne’s May Precept

“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you ever can.” —John Wesley’s Rule


Movie Crush: “Before I wake”

So this is the very first movie review of this blog, therefore I will make an appropriate  introduction.  My very first movie crush was Tim Burton,  Since i was like  6 or 7 years old this man captivated my mind. Nightmare before christmas was the start of a journey of movies and an obsession.  Then I watched Corpse Bride, and continue with all his filmography as if I was reading a never ending book.   For me Burton was the only man in the world. Until I turned 15 years old my love for movies became bigger, and Burton was just a small piece in the painting. Currently my favorite kind of movies are Drama, like “The Help”, “The Book Thief”, “Le Herrison” etc. Also children movies are something I can’t resist but not only Disney, but also “How to train your dragon”, “Paranorman” are just a huge source of inspiration, a child’s movie can make me cry.


This part  always gets me :,(

Finally we have horror movies which are ALWAYS a good option. I enjoy them uncontrollably specially James Wan’s and Guillermo del Toro’s .  Del Toro is a magician in my opinion, he is capable of transforming horror into fantasy and his movies are tricky because sometimes instead of ending up screaming you end up crying because they are very dramatic.  Now speaking about drama in horror movies, I will now ( finally) write about the film that became my movie crush this week.



On Friday my mom and I decided to do something different, we usually go eat tacos dorados on a small restaurant. But not this time, this time we went to the movies and watched “BEFORE I WAKE”. My first expectation was to watch a horror movie, i actually never thought it would impress me a lot , i just expected an usual horror movie. But no, it was not like that. What I ended up seeing was a beautiful metaphor of a child ( which was perfectly portrayed by adorable Jacob Tremblay ) who feared illness.  I won’t lie to you it was really creepy, there were some moments were I actually screamed right out of my lungs and freaked out. But I loved to see a happy ending. I have never experienced illness such as cancer on my family but with this movie you can have an idea of how a child can see it, and how much impact it can have in his life.  Cancer is a real horror movie, but when you mix fantasy with reality you get a fairytale, a poem to pain. I truly recommend this movie if you are ready to be scared and to cry in the end, if you are into horror and drama just like me then this movie may be for you.


“Man in a bus”

As you may be guessing this is the second part of my last entry which is
called "Actor in a bus", in which I described my latest travel and the 
people I saw and the places I visited. I had the opportunity to visit
Durango again and of course I had new experiences but also new points
of view. 

If you haven't read my blog before then that man that sits beside the 
lady with the hat, became my hero during my vacations. I was amazed when 
I saw his performance and became totally obsessed with him. 
But I never dared to take a photo with him even though taking pictures 
is something  usual in Paseo del viejo oeste ( the theme park where he 
But everything changed on this second trip, this time I decided that I 
would take a risk to take a picture with this amazing man. 

So on the second day of my trip it was the day that i most expected, and 
when I saw him again I was really happy and excited. We saw the show 
( by we I mean: my mom,my cousin and my friend Natalia). 
And we just walked around the place until I saw him again taking pictures 
with a family, I overcome my fear and asked him for a photo.
I didn't even noticed I was nervous until he told me to stop shaking.
After the photo I just kept those words on my head, "Stop shaking", 
and I felt super embarrassed about it. 
Until I realized about something.

I am the kind of person who idealize people,I tend to exaggerate who they 
are and how important they are. What I am trying to say is that I just saw 
this man ten feet taller than he really is. I saw an actor and not a man. 
A man with problems, a man with a life and I think is just something
we need to be aware of, not to place people on top of a hill and as
untouchable beings. 
That day when i left from the park, you know what i saw? 

           I SAW A MAN ON A BUS... 

And I still admire him so much but now i have a different vision of him,
and seriously would love to hear him talk about his life, about his 
problems even about where he buys his clothes. He still represents
something important but now I have another vision of him. 


With the man on a bus.



“Actor in a bus”

A month ago, when spring break was just getting started, my dad bored from it's 
usual routine decided that we were going on a trip. We didn't had a lot of time
to stay so we went to a city which is pretty close from mine. I traveled to
 Durango, Mx. 

I knew it was a very nice city, but i never thought i would feel so
enchanted by it. I was captivated by it's old streets, and magnificent
buildings. We walked, and walked for hours, and we didn't used the
car at all!!!!. Durango had a magic that seemed never to be over.
But the best part was one day we decided to visit one of the numerous 
movie sets. Durango is known for being the city where multiple national 
and international movies where filmed. It's like a mexican Hollywood. 


The set we visited is called "Paseo del Viejo Oeste", and it is  a themed 
park where movies literally come to life. Besides being an amazing place
to hang out and see amazing movie sets, they present three different shows 
that are performed in the middle of the "street" simulating a real life
old west town. It's a very fun and exciting experience I liked the actors
so much that one of them is an    inspiration for this text.

I never knew his name, or just anything about him. But this man 
impressed my young attention. His  voice was a perfect mixture of 
sounds, it was playful and extraordinary. His movements where
precise and his acting unspeakably amazing. I really didn't expected to
be this captivated, but I did and end up with such a nice feeling. I 
almost felt I was about to cry when the last show started, and I knew
that after this I would have to come back to my normal life style. 
Finally, when this man couldn't   become better, the unexpected happened. 

                          I saw anactor in a bus... 

                           As I was sitting on the bus, 
                watching all the memories running through my head
                I heard a familiar voice, a voice I just had heard
                And I saw him, I  saw the man that made my day worth it
                       Just by looking at him from my seat 
                I admired the humility which characterized this artist
                       And that made me admire him even more. 

From this trip I didn't just earned images in my head, but also feelings. 
I will never forget how I felt the day I arrived, the late night walks to the old church and the constant feeling of butterflies in my  stomach. I will never forget the 
museums, and the people. But most of all I will never forget this man, that
complement my experience and made me feel great. There are some places that simply steal your heart, and for me Durango was one of them.


Late Friday Night

Today started out as an usual friday school day. Waking up, getting dressed, having breakfast and finally arriving to school. Going home and eating lunch. Sleeping for a while and finally getting ready to go out with, in this case, my good friend Natalia. We made plans to go to a Coffee shop and we started to talk about our day, and girls from our generation. At 8 pm we went to a birthday reunion we were invited to. It started out really nicely, i saw a guy that really had me interested, because i felt that he kind of liked me because since I arrived he said “Hello” and talked to me about Horror movies which is our only topic for the moment. More guests started to arrive, and somehow i started to feel some sort of emptiness, but that emptiness needed to be filled with a feeling, i wanted to feel something. Maybe sadness or love i am not sure. I returned home and here I am, 1:30 a.m. writing about my day, i usually don’t like to sleep at friday nights because I feel that when weekend comes it needs to be enjoyed the more it can be enjoyed.  There are so much thoughts on my mind right now, but still now that i am typing this words, i can’t find a feeling i simply keep on writing. I guess i am searching for something that can’t be found in words, it needs to be experienced.



The Beginning

Everything starts with an idea in any moment, in any place an idea can be born. And one of those ideas can be the start of something wonderful that can transform into something bigger and change everything. Let it come alive.

Every great story, every project has a beginning

This is mine.

This may start as a simple blog, with a simple design and poor writing…  But we will never know how big it can become, if you give me the chance to enter your mind i promise i wont let you down. If you are into deep thoughts, movies and books then i’m sure you will find something here that can help you.

Welcome to my world.

Milisha 🙂