Movie Crush: “Before I wake”

So this is the very first movie review of this blog, therefore I will make an appropriate  introduction.  My very first movie crush was Tim Burton,  Since i was like  6 or 7 years old this man captivated my mind. Nightmare before christmas was the start of a journey of movies and an obsession.  Then I watched Corpse Bride, and continue with all his filmography as if I was reading a never ending book.   For me Burton was the only man in the world. Until I turned 15 years old my love for movies became bigger, and Burton was just a small piece in the painting. Currently my favorite kind of movies are Drama, like “The Help”, “The Book Thief”, “Le Herrison” etc. Also children movies are something I can’t resist but not only Disney, but also “How to train your dragon”, “Paranorman” are just a huge source of inspiration, a child’s movie can make me cry.


This part  always gets me :,(

Finally we have horror movies which are ALWAYS a good option. I enjoy them uncontrollably specially James Wan’s and Guillermo del Toro’s .  Del Toro is a magician in my opinion, he is capable of transforming horror into fantasy and his movies are tricky because sometimes instead of ending up screaming you end up crying because they are very dramatic.  Now speaking about drama in horror movies, I will now ( finally) write about the film that became my movie crush this week.



On Friday my mom and I decided to do something different, we usually go eat tacos dorados on a small restaurant. But not this time, this time we went to the movies and watched “BEFORE I WAKE”. My first expectation was to watch a horror movie, i actually never thought it would impress me a lot , i just expected an usual horror movie. But no, it was not like that. What I ended up seeing was a beautiful metaphor of a child ( which was perfectly portrayed by adorable Jacob Tremblay ) who feared illness.  I won’t lie to you it was really creepy, there were some moments were I actually screamed right out of my lungs and freaked out. But I loved to see a happy ending. I have never experienced illness such as cancer on my family but with this movie you can have an idea of how a child can see it, and how much impact it can have in his life.  Cancer is a real horror movie, but when you mix fantasy with reality you get a fairytale, a poem to pain. I truly recommend this movie if you are ready to be scared and to cry in the end, if you are into horror and drama just like me then this movie may be for you.




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