About love


I haven't been writing for a loooong time, I know i remind you about 
this every single time I write but here I go again.
It's just that when I don't feel inspired to write I simply don't do it
because being forced to do it's just not my style. However here I go

I am already in my summer vacations, next week I will attend to my 
senior graduation and that will be it. So since I have tons of free
time I decided to write a small story, but not just any story but a 
love story. But I couldn't finish it. And I would like to share why. 

Personally, I have NEVER been in a relationship, so all 
I have learned about love comes from movies and books. Therefore 
my ideas for a story where: suddenly falling in love and then a kissing
scene but then.... nothing I couldn't think about how to continue
this story, should I add a tragedy? just like Nicholas Sparks does. 

After this I would find myself in a very uncomfortable position. I wasn't
satisfied with this ideas of love, and worst I don't feel I am qualified 
to write about a topic i don't know nothing about. I am a true believer
that love is just like God. We don't really know it until we experience
it. So I guess i will just need to wait until a lucky boy comes to my
life (any volunteers?) 

Of course love is not only about a man and a woman, that is just one 
face of love. There is also family and friends but i don't think
that that love is as hard to understand as romantic love. 
Because romantic love involves a bunch of aspects. Such as chemistry,  
our brain has a lot to do when we fall in love, Instinct because no matter 
what we say we  are animals and sometimes we make decisions based on 
our instinct and finally society. 
 Society is the one that has the hardest impact on what we call love. 
Because we already know that we are going to find someone, and marry 
that someone.  There is a quote that i really like, " Some people
wouldn't have fallen in love, if they haven't heard about it". So do 
we really fall in love? or what is it? I am still growing up and have a 
LOT  to learn. And love is one of them. So if you have ever felt that
rare feeling please feel free to express your opinion on the comments
I would love to hear, what does love means to you?
Let's talk about love shouldn't we? After all that's what we really 
need in this world.  




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