“Actor in a bus”

A month ago, when spring break was just getting started, my dad bored from it's 
usual routine decided that we were going on a trip. We didn't had a lot of time
to stay so we went to a city which is pretty close from mine. I traveled to
 Durango, Mx. 

I knew it was a very nice city, but i never thought i would feel so
enchanted by it. I was captivated by it's old streets, and magnificent
buildings. We walked, and walked for hours, and we didn't used the
car at all!!!!. Durango had a magic that seemed never to be over.
But the best part was one day we decided to visit one of the numerous 
movie sets. Durango is known for being the city where multiple national 
and international movies where filmed. It's like a mexican Hollywood. 


The set we visited is called "Paseo del Viejo Oeste", and it is  a themed 
park where movies literally come to life. Besides being an amazing place
to hang out and see amazing movie sets, they present three different shows 
that are performed in the middle of the "street" simulating a real life
old west town. It's a very fun and exciting experience I liked the actors
so much that one of them is an    inspiration for this text.

I never knew his name, or just anything about him. But this man 
impressed my young attention. His  voice was a perfect mixture of 
sounds, it was playful and extraordinary. His movements where
precise and his acting unspeakably amazing. I really didn't expected to
be this captivated, but I did and end up with such a nice feeling. I 
almost felt I was about to cry when the last show started, and I knew
that after this I would have to come back to my normal life style. 
Finally, when this man couldn't   become better, the unexpected happened. 

                          I saw anactor in a bus... 

                           As I was sitting on the bus, 
                watching all the memories running through my head
                I heard a familiar voice, a voice I just had heard
                And I saw him, I  saw the man that made my day worth it
                       Just by looking at him from my seat 
                I admired the humility which characterized this artist
                       And that made me admire him even more. 

From this trip I didn't just earned images in my head, but also feelings. 
I will never forget how I felt the day I arrived, the late night walks to the old church and the constant feeling of butterflies in my  stomach. I will never forget the 
museums, and the people. But most of all I will never forget this man, that
complement my experience and made me feel great. There are some places that simply steal your heart, and for me Durango was one of them.




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