“Man in a bus”

As you may be guessing this is the second part of my last entry which is
called "Actor in a bus", in which I described my latest travel and the 
people I saw and the places I visited. I had the opportunity to visit
Durango again and of course I had new experiences but also new points
of view. 

If you haven't read my blog before then that man that sits beside the 
lady with the hat, became my hero during my vacations. I was amazed when 
I saw his performance and became totally obsessed with him. 
But I never dared to take a photo with him even though taking pictures 
is something  usual in Paseo del viejo oeste ( the theme park where he 
But everything changed on this second trip, this time I decided that I 
would take a risk to take a picture with this amazing man. 

So on the second day of my trip it was the day that i most expected, and 
when I saw him again I was really happy and excited. We saw the show 
( by we I mean: my mom,my cousin and my friend Natalia). 
And we just walked around the place until I saw him again taking pictures 
with a family, I overcome my fear and asked him for a photo.
I didn't even noticed I was nervous until he told me to stop shaking.
After the photo I just kept those words on my head, "Stop shaking", 
and I felt super embarrassed about it. 
Until I realized about something.

I am the kind of person who idealize people,I tend to exaggerate who they 
are and how important they are. What I am trying to say is that I just saw 
this man ten feet taller than he really is. I saw an actor and not a man. 
A man with problems, a man with a life and I think is just something
we need to be aware of, not to place people on top of a hill and as
untouchable beings. 
That day when i left from the park, you know what i saw? 

           I SAW A MAN ON A BUS... 

And I still admire him so much but now i have a different vision of him,
and seriously would love to hear him talk about his life, about his 
problems even about where he buys his clothes. He still represents
something important but now I have another vision of him. 


With the man on a bus.





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