In Seattle…

I have almost four days visiting the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington. I am currently  staying with my sister and her host family. She is the one who takes care of two little girls:  Cecilia and Juliana they both are the most adorable girls i have ever met. 

Before I arrived here with my sister I already knew everyone had expectations on me. My dad had already given me like 5 times his usual speech where he tells me to be outstanding, and happy but most of all to leave my shy personality behind. On the other side my sister’s expectations on not being dependant on her and just not bothering her with “childish” attitudes.  So all of that was in my mind on the plane, ” Be confident Mel, and don’t make your sister angry”  but most of all “don’t be shy and speak the language you have been learning since you were 6 years old”. 

Almost Landing

With all of that perfectly saved in my mind we started our way to the big city.  By the time we were taking a taxi in our way to the familie’s  home I was really excited to meet everyone. When we arrived to the house I was recieved with a huge hug from those little girls. Then after the welcome we went to Mcdonalds. And that was the end of Day 1.

On Day 2 we spent our day home, I played with the kids and at night I met my sister’s friend Corina and her host family. By the end of the day I felt good with myself because I spoke fluent English without feeling nervous and i felt that i was doing fine because my sister never complained about me.  

Day 3 was kind of crazy, i woke up and my sister told me to get ready and super fast i just changed my clothes and we went to the mall with one of the kids. Then we arrived home, we slept for a while and finally we went to have dinner at Luna Park with MJ, another friend. Food was super good and MJ is the nicest person on earth. We have so much in common, i think we will be great friends. 

Now we are on Day 4 and until now I thought that everything was actually going pretty well… but not for my sister. I got a call from my dad.  He asked “Why is your sister angry?”, and I was just like ” well, i don’t know maybe she is just tired”. Then he started telling me that she had been complaining about my attitudes. That I haven’t been helping her, and that I woke up super late and simply that I was a mess. I instantly felt that everything was just not going the way I thought it was. I swear I thought everything was amazing and that my sister well she maybe was annoyed but she always is. My dad aks “why do you sound so sad?” and I was just like ” well, after what you just told me how do you expect me to feel?”.   I know this may be dramatic but i just feel that I will never be good enought for my sister. And even thought it does hurt me that she doesn’t feel the freedom to tell me what she is uncomfortable with , I made the decision of just enjoying my time here because I will never get this time back.  I arrived here with expectations from everyone about how I should act and feel. But i decided that I won’t let their expectations about me affect MINE.  I felt super comfortable with all I have done until now and I will continue to be. 

The journey is just getting started. 




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