Old house.

Hello again! I know it's been a while , i am aware of it. 
But please understand that school is taking my life to a living hell 
of stress and tears.... and i am not being dramatic. 
However, I am back.


Last saturday my dad took me to my old house. I lived in that house
for 14 years!!! all my childhood memories where built in that house 
even some of my teenage years. And visiting it now that I am about
to graduate from high school  is just overwhelming.

My room 

This used to be my room.I swear that it looked smaller than it did
14 years ago,i can still remember when i used to sleep with my sister,
when i used to fall from my bed and the first time that i slept alone.  
My room was my cave, my everything.

My sister’s room 

Alright,  she was my older sister so she was like my inspiration for 
life and she still is. I remember when I used to sneak in her room and  
I just were so curious about what she had in her closet, 
I would take everything out and she would freak out about it. 
I love my sister but she didn't had patience with me 


The bathroom 

Oh those Sunday afternoons.....

We used to go out every sunday for dinner, and we only had one bathroom.
So let's just say that it took us a long time to get ready. 
My sister really took a while to shower ....and to get dressed 
and to step out of the house , my brother used to play his 
Linkin Park music... very loud and I just....  well showered.

My brother’s room 


My brother’s bug collection 

My brother's room was an untouchable place. He is the oldest,so when he 
was a teenage he was very reserved. I remember going into his room only 
when he was gone. 

Well that was just a very small part of what my house was,I wasn't able 
to take many pictures because it was a fast visit. I could never tell 
how important that house was to me, but at least I got to share a part
with you. There are still tons of movies and books on that house,I even 
brought 5 books that I picked up super fast one of them is my dad's 
favorite book, maybe in another post I can tell you what they are about. 
For now this is it, i will write very soon. 



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